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Setting up Workouts on the PM5

The Performance Monitor 5 (PM5) is your trusty workout partner that comes with every BikeErg, SkiErg and RowErg. You can set up a wide range of workout types and the PM5 will keep track of time and distance and numbers of intervals—while also displaying instant feedback on your performance. You can also set up workouts of a pre-set time or distance as well as intervals, or choose from a variety of preprogrammed workouts.

Here are some examples:

Pre-Set Distance Workout: The advantage of a pre-set distance workout is that the PM5 will count down the meters until you are done. Somehow, this makes it harder to quit early or to go a shorter distance! By setting the distance before you start, you’ve made your commitment. In addition, when you do this workout a second time, your goal can be to beat your first time. It’s a great incentive!

Pre-Set Timed Workout: Decide how long you want your workout to be, then enter the time on the PM5. It will count down the pre-set time until you are done. As with pre-set distance, once you set up the workout, you are committed. Each time you do this workout, your goal can be to row more meters than you did the previous time.

Interval Workout: Interval workouts use alternating periods of work time and rest time to allow you to reach higher intensities than you generally would in a long steady workout. Research shows that intervals are a very effective training tool for all ages. They can also make for a very time-efficient workout. The work interval can be specified in either time or distance, as can the rest interval. Rest is usually taken as slow, easy effort, but one may also choose to get off to stretch if desired.

Once you get comfortable setting up workouts, the possibilities are endless. And when you find workouts that you really like, you can save them as ‘favorites’ on your PM5.