Iron Gym Parallels

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  • Perfect for push ups and enhanced gymnastic training
  • Non-slip feet are stable on all floor types and support any weight
  • Achieve toned and balanced physique with multiple exercises
  • Reduce strain on wrists and joints with push ups and parallels training
  • Travel-friendly, versatile and compact training equipment
  • Strengthen and tone your core, arms, back, wrists, hips and shoulders

IRON GYM® Parallels are a simple and very effective tool to strengthen and tone your whole upper body. Parallels provide solid non-slip base for all bodyweight training.

Using IRON GYM® Parallels is a simple and very effective way to strengthen and tone your upper body. Parallels provide a solid, non-slip base and allow greater range of motion than regular push up. Parallels are angled to reduce strain on wrists and joints. IRON GYM® Parallels are compact and easy to store. Lightweight and compact enough you can carry them in your suitcase while traveling.