Iron Gym - Power Tower

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  • Power Tower by IRON GYM is the complete home gym for building upper body strength
  • Power Tower features: Push Up Station, Vertical Knee Raises Station, Dip Station and Iron Gym 3G Pull Up Station
  • Thick Cushions on Arm Pads & Backrest for Maximum Comfor
  • Non Slip Protective Rubber Feet
  • Freestanding Design, Fits Easily in Home Workout Area
  • Work your Biceps, Triceps, Abs, Shoulders, Chest and Back with different exercises!
  • Power Tower dimensions: Height 212cm, Width 165,5cm, Depth 105cm

Power Tower by IRON GYM is The Ultimate home gym for bodyweight Training.

Strenghen and tone your Abs, Back, Chest and Biceps and Triceps with Push Ups, Narrow Grip Pull Ups, Dips, Abdominal Knee Raises, Neutral Grip Pull Ups, Wide Grip Pull Ups. Every exercise you need to build strong upperbody!