Teeter P2 Back Stretcher

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The Teeter P2 Back Stretcher is an FDA-cleared Class 1 medical device indicated for back pain and related conditions. Lightweight and easy-to-use, the P2 is an effective way to decompress the back whether at home or on-the-go! Simply lie down and push on the handles - with the P2 positioned comfortably, you can easily apply gentle, user-controlled traction, which works to help reduce nerve pressure and relax tense muscles in the lower back area. The P2 cleverly accommodates those who are looking for an alternative to traditional inversion equipment or for those who love their Teeter Inversion Table, but need a portable travel solution.


Portable Decompression Solution

An easy way to stretch your lower back - simply lay flat on a surface with knees bent, feet either on the floor or propped up on a chair, and push firmly on the hand grips for gentle, user-controlled traction.
Lightweight, durable steel design provides the stability and durability needed, but weighs just under 7 lb, so it’s easy to manoeuvre.
Space-saving and portable, the Teeter P2 disassembles flat for travel and decompression on-the-go!
An ideal alternative to traditional inversion equipment for those looking for natural back pain relief.


Easy to Use - 3 Ways in 1! One Size Fits Most

Sitting Down
Ideal for users with limited mobility or for those looking to achieve a light lumbar stretch.

Lying Down
Delivers a moderate level of stretch to the lower back area.

Lying Down with Feet Elevated
Preferred positioning - delivers a deeper level of stretch for maximum traction and relief.


The Teeter Difference
The same quality standards that set Teeter Inversion Tables apart are also apparent in Teeter’s functional fitness products and accessories. A 5-year full warranty gives you confidence that we stand by our products and place customer satisfaction as our utmost priority. Roger Teeter’s products are truly built for the benefits, with a focus on features that can help you to feel better, move better and live better.

Warranty: 5 Years